Take a look at this video by the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development CouncilĀ 


$5.2 Billion investment in the Finger Lakes Region.

Percentage of farm wineries increased by 70%

31 new wineries in the Finger Lakes Region

100 wineries out of 325 wineries in the state are from the Finger Lakes region

Finger Lakes Wine Tasting Voted by USA Today as one of the Best Wine Festivals in the U.S. (2016)

Voted Top Ten Best Wine Travel Destinations in the World by Wine Enthusiasts Magazine (2015)

14.5 million visitors in 2016, increase of 15.5 % since 2011

Tourism 1.6 Billion in 2016, increase of 9.4% in 2011

Tourism Industry: 33,000 jobs in 2016, increase 2.4% since 2011